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What prolongs recovery from a rotator cuff injury?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Physical Disabilities

Sustaining a rotator cuff injury in your shoulder due to your work or other activity can cause you a lot of pain. You may not be able to work and require medical treatment. You might even need surgery if your injury is serious enough. Depending on the circumstances, your recovery could take a long time.

Medline provides information that may help you to shorten your recovery time or deal with instances that may prolong your recovery.

Following your doctor’s instructions

You may require exercise to build up the strength of your shoulder, especially after surgery, in addition to physiotherapy sessions. You will probably need to do light exercises at first so you can build up strength to perform greater tasks later on. However, neglecting exercises and other steps recommended by your doctor may cause your shoulder to remain weak and could also prolong the pain.

Your state of health

Not following your doctor’s advice on your diet may prolong your recovery. Similarly, your shoulder might not heal as fast if you smoke. Still, there are factors you cannot control, like your age. Patients older than 65 years old generally experience a longer recovery time. Be aware of this fact and ask your doctor how to compensate for your age.

The nature of your rotator cuff tear

Pay attention to what your doctor says about your rotator cuff. You may have had a weak or torn rotator cuff before you sustained your injury. Also, be aware of the condition of your rotator cuff muscles. Sometimes they weaken prior to surgery. Additionally, if you suffered a large tear, it may also contribute to an extended recovery period.

If you know you have circumstances that will not make a shorter recovery possible, it is important to discuss them with your doctor. In the event you need Social Security disability benefits, you will require them for a longer period until you can get back to work.

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