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What do you know about continuing benefits eligibility?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2021 | Social Security Disability Benefits

Thankfully, the Social Security Administration approved your application for benefits. You feel grateful for the decision and financial help, but wonder what circumstances could end your eligibility.

The SSA explains situations that may jeopardize your benefits eligibility. While you enjoy a recent favorable decision, plan for unfavorable situations before they happen.

Disability review

Occasionally, the SSA reviews benefits recipients’ medical conditions. When you should expect a review depends on your disability prognosis. If medical experts classify your medical improvement as “not expected,” the SSA reviews your case no sooner than seven years. For “possible” improvement, you undergo review roughly every three years. For recipients classified under “expected” improvement, the administration reviews their cases within six to 18 months after they receive benefits.

The medical review could determine you no longer fit the administration’s definition of disabled. If that happens, you may no longer qualify for benefits.

Returning to work

Depending on your injury, you could work in a limited capacity. While you may work and receive benefits simultaneously, your work level determines your continued eligibility. If you work at a level the SSA considers “substantial,” you could lose benefits eligibility. The earnings amount the administration classifies as substantial changes every year, and it depends on your specific disability. For instance, blind individuals may earn more and still qualify for benefits.

No matter a person’s disability or earnings, all benefits recipients must alert the administration if their medical condition improves. The same applies if recipients return to work.

You must understand factors that may affect your financial health while disabled. A lack of knowledge may cost you more than you realize.

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