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Can you get coverage for back pain?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2021 | Physical Disabilities

Disability benefits extend toward anyone who has a physical or mental health issue that disallows them from making a living as a healthy person might. However, determining whether your exact ailment qualifies is often a difficult and lengthy task.

Thus, you must look at Social Security in order to understand whether or not your particular case fits the requirements before you decide to apply.

Potential musculoskeletal disorders that qualify

Social Security looks at musculoskeletal disorders that might qualify for coverage. First, you must know if the cause of your back pain falls under the disorders evaluated. Fortunately, this covers an incredible variety of potential issues, such as:

  • Disorders of the skeletal spine, including the ligaments and discs making the spine up
  • Soft tissue injuries including burns and abnormalities
  • Potential curvature of the spine that affects musculoskeletal functions

In order to allow evaluation of your disorder, you must provide several pieces of information. This may include physical examination reports, diagnostic and imaging test results, and operative reports if you have undergone surgery of any sort.

Providing general evidence

You must also provide general evidence, which involves any objective medical evidence from acceptable sources that establish you have a musculoskeletal disorder as determined by the medical study. You also need medical and nonmedical sources that assess the severity and duration of the disorder, along with descriptions of how you function with it in daily life. This is the information used when determining what additional evidence you must provide.

Working through this application process often serves as a headache, and it is why many people in your shoes seek legal help to aid them along the way.

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