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What conditions may shorten the processing time for SSDI claims?

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | Social Security Disability Benefits

As a California resident who has an illness that keeps you from working, you may seek financial relief in the form of Social Security Disability Insurance. The process of applying for these benefits is often a long and complex one. If your condition is severe enough, though, you may be able to have your application processed faster than you would otherwise.

According to AARP, the U.S. Social Security Administration maintains something called a Compassionate Allowances program. The program maintains a list of certain conditions that may warrant a faster processing time for your SSDI claim. The program considers several hundred conditions so severe that they warrant a claim-processing time of several days, rather than several months.

Conditions that may warrant early processing

The SSA details all conditions that may warrant a compassionate allowance and faster claims-processing time on its website. Some such conditions include fast-moving cancers, rare genetic disorders, immune-system disorders and neurogenerative diseases, among others. The SSA maintains a strict standard for conditions it considers to be “disabilities.” Your condition must also meet these terms to potentially lead to faster processing time.

The SSA also has other programs in place that may speed up the processing time for your disability claim. If you are currently receiving hospice care, for example, this may warrant faster processing of your claim.

When recipients should expect to receive benefits

Even if your condition appears on the compassionate allowances list and the SSA processes your claim within a matter of days, you still must wait before you begin to receive benefits. The soonest you may start receiving them is five months from the day the SSA says your disability began.

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