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Getting support for your child

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2019 | Physical Disabilities

Dealing with the consequences of an injury is never easy. However, you may find it is even more of a challenge, both emotionally and financially, when your child is injured. Physical disabilities resulting from injuries may have lasting impact on a child’s life. Here at the Disability Rights Law Center, we understand the process of obtaining the support you need to cope with these new circumstances. 

Serving both the Los Angeles area and northern California, we are accustomed to working within the context of various local systems. This allows us to focus on what matters the most: the individual stories of our clients.

Social security disability benefits are about more than just providing supporting income. They could give people a chance to continue on with their lives. We believe that this is an important function in our society, and we dedicate our practice to getting individuals and families the support the advice they need to make the best possible decisions about their futures.

As you might imagine, those decisions are extremely important when it comes to children with disabilities, such as cerebral palsy. Parents often need the support they seek quickly in order to ensure the recovery and or progress of their disabled children. Although many matters associated with social security do take some time to resolve, we make every effort to contribute to the process as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We believe social security should be a boon and not a burden. Please continue on our main site to read more.

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