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What can you do to aid healing from a brain injury?

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2019 | Physical Disabilities

When you suffer a brain injury in California, it is imperative that you follow your doctor’s recommendations for a full recovery. Relearning the functions of the brain and strengthening the areas that have been weakened and compromised, will allow you to slowly rebuild your independence and ability to take care of yourself efficiently, effectively and safely. 

Brain injuries can be quite tricky and should be treated with the utmost care and precision. Chances are, you will need to rely heavily on the support and help of your closest family members and friends. You will need to be patient with yourself as you discover new limitations and create goals for your path to recovery. One thing that you should focus on is the abilities that you have been able to maintain and how you can utilize those strengths to help you rebuild the areas that need help. 

According to the New York State Department of Health, there are several valuable practices that you can implement to aid your healing. These include the following:

  • Write to-do lists to help you remember daily tasks that you may otherwise forget. 
  • Avoid harsh substances like alcohol and only take drugs as prescribed by your health care provider to allow your body to heal without interference from outside influences. 
  • Rely on the opinions and support of people you trust when you need to make an important decision. 
  • Prioritize your personal care including hygiene, eating habits and sleep patterns. 

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