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Septic shock can come after a spinal cord injury

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A person who has a spinal cord injury has a lot to think about when they are in the hospital in the days following the accident. Most of them will put their trust in the doctors and medical staff members caring for them. While it is possible to find a good team, there are a few things that you have to be watchful about.

One of the most important things that the medical team must do is monitor the patient. A person may suffer from systemic inflammatory response syndrome, which is also known as sepsis, after a spinal cord injury. This is a serious medical matter that has to be addressed swiftly because it can cause organ failure, shock and death.

Symptoms to watch for

There are several symptoms that a person who is suffering from septic shock might suffer from. Often, there is an underlying infection. For a person who has a spinal cord injury, a urinary tract infection may be the start of the issue.

The infection and sepsis can lead to a high temperature of at least 101.3 degrees Fahrenheit. If the infection begins to trigger sepsis, there can be an elevated respiratory rate of more than 20 breaths per minute and a rapid heart rate of more than 90 beats per minute.

A person who is septic may suffer from low blood pressure, a temperature below 97 degrees and elevated blood sugar. This can also lead to a coma or extreme confusion. There can be inflammation around the body, as well as other issues that can cause lack of oxygen in vital organs.

Long road to recovery

There is a long road to recovery for a person who is septic. This usually begins with taking antibiotics and possibly having to take some IV fluids and oxygen. You may also need to have medications like insulin and corticosteroids. Other treatments might be necessary, depending on symptoms.

It can take a long time to heal after a person suffers from septic shock. Some people might not fully recover. On top of this, there is the matter of recovering from the spinal cord injury. Because of the lifelong costs involved, people who suffered from this type of injury may need financial help.

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