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Publicized coverage of suicide may have damaging consequences

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2018 | Mental Conditions

There are many individuals in California who struggle with anxiety and depression to the point that it is crippling. The debilitating emotion they feel every day can cause them to feel so unhappy that they seek alternatives to surviving their situation. The ever-growing problem of suicide is highlighting the need for intervention and resources providing support for people who are victims of mental disabilities. When addressed in a timely manner, the loss of a person’s life may be avoidable.

In a recent report that discussed the seemingly growing prevalence of suicides around the nation, experts expressed concern that highly publicized reports of suicide could actually be triggering suicides elsewhere. The study comes on the heels of the suicides of popular designer Kate Spade and executive chef Anthony Bourdain. Crisis hotlines reported an exponential increase in the number of calls they facilitated since both of the deaths and saw similar trends following the deaths of other popular figures including Robin Williams and Chester Bennington.

Experts suggest that the way a suicide is reported can play a significant role in the way it is perceived by the public and the way it affects its readers. Rather than reporting a suicide where it appears that the person was only able to get relief after dying, news affiliates should discuss things objectively and with some reservation. Additionally, people who suspect that someone is at risk of suicidal thoughts, should offer support and provide the person with examples of people who have conquered and overcome their depression.

If people know someone who is struggling with suicidal thoughts or has committed suicide, they may wish to hire an attorney to help them in bringing awareness. This decision may enable them to have a professional who has seen and understands the damaging effects of mental disability.

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