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Wounded veterans in Los Angeles may be eligible for SSD benefits

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2016 | Social Security Administration News

Our nation recently celebrated Veterans Day, a holiday that commemorates the sacrifices that so many of our fellow Americans make so that the rest of us can enjoy our freedoms. But, with the war-torn years that have followed in the wake of 9/11, our country has more wounded veterans than it has had in many years. While the Veterans Administration is in place to help all members of military service, including those who have suffered injuries and illnesses due to their service, most of our readers have seen the news headlines about the challenges that particular agency has been facing over the last several years.

For those veterans who have become disabled due to an injury or illness, it may be possible to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. And, in fact, the Social Security Administration offers an expedited application process for military veterans. This means that any veterans who apply for SSD benefits should have their application evaluated much more quickly than it might take for a non-service member.

In addition to the expedited application process, our Los Angeles readers may not know that even if military personnel are receiving other types of benefits, like veteran’s benefits, it may be possible for them to receive SSD benefits as well – even if they are still on active duty while they are recovering from their injuries or illnesses. Those benefits will not prohibit a military veteran from also receiving SSD benefits.

Our veterans, and their families, sacrifice a lot for our country and their fellow citizens. The Social Security Administration is attempting to let these veterans know that there may be more benefits that they are eligible for.

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