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Comprehensive service when applying for SSD benefits

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2016 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Mental Conditions

Some Los Angeles residents may attempt to apply for Social Security Disability benefits on their own. And then, when their application is denied, they may be looking for answers – or they may just give up. Our readers need to know that there are multiple levels to an application for SSD benefits – the process oftentimes isn’t as simple as just submitting an application. For a disabled person in Los Angeles, whether it is a physical disability or a mental impairment, having an application for SSD benefits denied can be a devastating financial blow.

At our law firm, we work with our clients throughout every step of the process of securing SSD benefits. For some people, that means gathering all of the appropriate information for the initial application, which can include documentation of the medical condition as well as documentation about how the disability is so limiting that the applicant can no longer participate in the workforce.

For others, our law firm assists with the appeal of an initial denial of benefits, which can include everything from submitting the notice of appeal to the Social Security Administration to helping our clients prepare for an appeals hearing and representing them in front of an administrative law judge. Throughout the entire process our law firm works hard to keep our clients informed of the status of their case.

Applying for SSD benefits can seem daunting to those who attempt to tackle the task on their own. But, at our law firm, we attempt to make sure that our clients know that we stand with them. For more information about how our law firm attempts to help Los Angeles residents with the Social Security Disability needs, please visit our website.

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