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Now that you receive SSD benefits, what are your obligations?

Not everyone who applies for Social Security Disability benefits will be approved. In fact, some reports have noted that about 60 percent of applicants are denied Social Security benefits. But, for those who make it through the process and are finally approved, there is most likely a sense of a great deal of relief knowing that those SSD benefits will be there to help meet financial obligations.

But, after a Los Angeles resident begins to receive benefits, are there any continuing obligations? As a matter of fact there are, and one is very important: income reporting.

As most of our readers probably know, receiving SSD benefits isn't always a permanent financial state for many people. Some recipients find that they are able to do a job that they didn't know about previously, even with their disability, and they are only too happy to return to the workforce. When a person in this situation decides to take a job, the income earned needs to be reported to the Social Security Administration because it will most likely have an effect on the SSD benefits the person receives.

Sometimes, in complicated situations, a person may receive wages earned far after they were approved for disability benefits. This could occur if there was a lawsuit related to the person's employment and the wages are paid out due to a settlement or a court judgment at a later date. Nonetheless, this income needs to be reported. Any delayed worker's compensation benefits received need to be reported as well. The income reporting requirement is very important for anyone receiving SSD benefits to remember, because a change in circumstances could have a very big impact on a person's Social Security Disability eligibility.

Source: Social Security Administration, "Income Reporting for Social Security Disability Benefits," accessed on Aug. 22, 2014

Source: Social Security Administration, "Income Reporting for Social Security Disability Benefits," accessed on Aug. 22, 2014

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