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Cancer might lead you to file for disability

Living with cancer is difficult. You have to think about what treatment options you are going to pursue and how those will impact you. Thinking about how radiation and chemotherapy will affect your life might be difficult, but they things that a person going through cancer may have to deal with.

When you are diagnosed with cancer, you might soon realize that you are in for a rough time financially. You may not be able to keep your work hours up, which means that you will have a decrease in income. You may not be able to work at all. Throughout all of this, the bills aren't going to stop coming in. One of the options that you have for making ends meet is to file for disability.

What are Compassionate Allowances?

When you have a debilitating medical condition that keeps you from working or otherwise enjoying your life, it’s fairly obvious to you why you deserve Social Security Disability benefits. However, not all conditions are so straightforward or obvious to Social Security Administration (SSA) officials. This is why it has such a rigorous application process.

However, within the last decade or so, the SSA has been working to make the process simpler for applicants. In 2008, the SSA started the Compassionate Allowances program, or CAL. CAL short-lists certain chronic conditions or diseases that naturally meet the medical requirements for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) because of their severity.

Cumulative trauma injuries can ruin a career

Many different injuries impact your ability to continue working. Some injuries are the result of an accident. These aren't the only type that can end your career. Some injuries are the result of having to do the same motions over and over again while you are working. These are known as cumulative trauma injuries.

Even if acumulative trauma injury doesn't fully end your career, it could put it on pause while you work to recover from the injury.

Supplemental Security Income is an added benefit to claim

When you're hurt and end up accepting Social Security Disability insurance, one of the things you should look into is Supplemental Security Income. SSI is a need-based benefit aimed at boosting the income of people who are blind or have a disability so they can better afford to live comfortably with a disability.

Every year, the amount you have access to changes. Usually, the amount increases to keep up with the cost-of-living expenses expected for individuals on benefits. As of 2018, the federal amounts are $750 for each individual and up to $1,125 for an individual who is married. Essentially, people are paid up to $386 in benefits monthly.

Defining disability in medical and legal terms

Disability is often a last resort for someone whose pain has taken him or her away from the workforce. It’s difficult to give up work, but it’s more difficult to deal with the pain.

While SSDI is a government program to help those in need, it has very strict requirements. Boiled down, there are three factors that must apply:

Social Security faces possible hurdles in future

There have been many areas of uncertainty with regards to the government following President Trump's inauguration. Whether or not you like him, the fact remains that he brings with him a completely new set of questions. These are undeniably uncharted territories for the United States, its people, and its politicians, and as his presidency enters its first 100 days, many are starting to get an idea how his presidency may turn out.

Can I work and receive Social Security Disability benefits?

If you are receiving Social Security Disability or SSDI benefits in Los Angeles because of a work-related injury, you may be struggling to pay your bills. You feel that you have recovered enough from your injuries to return work so you can make more money, but you may be hesitant to do so because you are not sure if it will affect your Social Security benefits

The Social Security Administration has a program in place for workers who are receiving SSDI benefits and ready to return to work. You should learn about the requirements so you can avoid conflicts and complications with your benefits. 

What is blood cancer?

You may have heard the names leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma before, but did you know that they are three forms of blood cancer? Like other cancers, blood cancers occur when abnormal blood cells, or cancer cells, interrupt typical blood cell development. Blood is essential in the body, but when blood production is interrupted, the blood cannot function properly, which could lead to various illnesses and even death.

Do not underestimate the severity of a brain injury

An accident can strike anyone at any time, and often accidents, whether it is a workplace injury, a slip and fall, or a car accident, can lead to serious injuries that may affect a victim for a substantial amount of time. Many injuries lead to long-term or even life-long care.

Problems encountered by millennials seeking SSD benefits

Being healthy and at a healthy age, many young individuals in California and elsewhere do not consider the possibility of suffering a debilitating injury or illness. Nonetheless, such a situation could occur to even the younger working generation, making it important that millennials understand their rights to Social Security disability and how the current status of the government program could present issues if he or she is attempting to obtain these benefits.

While most millennials do not worry about suffering a disability causing them to be unable to work, the fact is that the average 20-year-old worker has a 1-in-4 chance of becoming disabled before they even reach the age of 67. This is according to the Social Security Administration.

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