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Can you get SSDI after being in a car accident?

On Behalf of | May 15, 2024 | Social Security Disability Benefits

Car accidents often result in serious injuries. People who are hurt usually have to grapple with these injuries plus financial challenges due to medical bills and lost wages.

In such situations, some may wonder if they are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits to help alleviate their financial burden.

The impact of car accidents on SSDI eligibility

To qualify for SSDI benefits, individuals must meet certain eligibility criteria established by the Social Security Administration.

Car accidents can lead to a range of injuries, from small bruises or cuts to severe spinal cord damage or traumatic brain injuries. Whether an individual qualifies for SSDI benefits after a car accident depends on the severity of their injuries and how those injuries affect their ability to work. In some cases, injuries sustained in a car accident may meet the SSA’s criteria for disability.

Medical evidence and documentation

Medical records, diagnostic tests and physician statements help document the extent of the injuries. They also show the injuries’ impact on the individual’s ability to work. Both are necessary for a successful claim. The SSA will evaluate the medical evidence to determine if the applicant meets the disability criteria.

Duration and severity of disability

Disabilities expected to last for at least one year or result in death are more likely to meet the SSA’s eligibility criteria. Additionally, the severity of the disability, as evidenced by medical documentation, will influence the outcome of the SSDI application.

Getting SSDI benefits after a car accident is possible if the resulting injuries meet the SSA’s disability criteria. Applicants should remember the importance of thorough documentation of medical evidence and the severity of the disability.

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