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Common injuries suffered by those in the entertainment industry

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Physical Disabilities

Los Angeles is home to a large entertainment industry, which includes actors, musicians and other performers. Many people do not consider these professions to be dangerous in the way that they might consider manufacturing or construction work to be. However, like with all professions, those who work in the entertainment industry encounter certain hazards on the job.

Here are a couple of the more common injuries suffered by those in the entertainment industry in California.

Sprains and broken bones

Many performers engage in stunts that require them to do things such as fly through the air and display other aerobatics. While these professionals are very well trained and have safety measures in place while they engage in the action, there is still the potential for something to go wrong. In addition, many singers employ backup dancers or dance themselves during their shows, which puts someone at a greater risk of receiving a sprain.

Electrical shock

Musicians work around a lot of electrical equipment that is necessary to enhance the sound of their music and enable people to see them better on stage. While this equipment helps to give concertgoers a more thrilling performance,  it also carries the risk of giving an electrical shock to those working at the concert. Some of the signs that someone received an electrical shock include a tingling sensation at the site of the shock, numbness, pain and weakness in the body.

While entertainment can be a very satisfying line of work, those who work in the entertainment industry should be aware of the risks their jobs can carry.

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