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How can back injuries render you unable to work?

On Behalf of | May 19, 2022 | Blog, Physical Disabilities

Back pain is the most common reason that workers all over the world call out. But despite that, many people underestimate just how disruptive a back injury sometimes is.

How can back injuries affect your professional life? How can they render you incapable of working?

The cycle of back injuries

ESafety discusses ways to cut down on back injury incidents at work. In essence, back injuries at work are one of the main contributing causes to back pain, which makes workers everywhere call out even when they do not have paid time off.

This creates an unfortunate cycle in which the victim cannot make money because they cannot work, but they need more money than ever to help afford medical treatments they may need for their back injury. This can include medications, physical therapy or even surgery.

Why can’t workers return quickly?

Back injuries can render a person unable to work in several ways. First, workers engage their backs in almost every form of work that exists. Even desk jobs require the use of one’s back muscles in order to maintain an upright seated position for hours at a time. The more physically intensive a job is, the more it relies on back muscles.

Thus, when a person injures their back, they often cannot return to work right away. This is because the only real way to heal a back injury is time and rest. Victims cannot work without healing or they risk making the injury even worse.

Of course, some back injuries may take days before a doctor okays a person’s return to work. For others, it can take months or even years. In these situations, a person’s entire job could end up at risk.

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