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What information do you need to file for Social Security benefits?

On Behalf of | May 19, 2021 | Social Security Disability

Filing for disability benefits is a complex task. Even though the Social Security administration attempts to make it as simple as possible, there are still plenty of ways you might make mistakes during the process.

One of those mistakes might come from having outdated, incomplete or incorrect information. You will need the right information from your medical provider, but there are also some other identifying facts that you might need. Finding official, current data might help give your claim a better chance for a quick approval.

Straight to the source

One of the places you might find this information is with the SSA itself. For example, the SSA blog recently posted about an update to its online statement program.

Creating an account gives you access to an online portal with many potentially helpful items, conveniently accessible from libraries, home computers and so on. Better yet, these data apply directly to your unique situation and come from information that the SSA has on file. That means you could potentially detect any issues and address them before they unnecessarily delay your disability claim.

Supplying context

Apart from information that identifies you and fits with your official record, the SSA will also need detailed records of your medical condition. The Administration wants to know that you are a unique person (as in, you are not trying to defraud them) and that you have a qualifying disability.

Even with all of the correct procedures and all of the relevant documents, it is not uncommon for Social Security to deny or delay claims. This does not always mean you deserve the rejection.

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