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What do you know about appealing a SS benefits denial?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2021 | Social Security Disability Benefits

Recently, you applied for Social Security benefits but received a denial. You feel you cannot survive without financial help and want to appeal the decision.

The Social Security Administration breaks down how SS benefits appeals work. You do not have to feel stuck with a decision you do not agree with.

Requesting reconsideration

You have 60 days after receiving your denial to take action on an appeal. One option is to request an online appeal. During the review, a party unassociated with the original decision reviews the current evidence and any additional evidence you share. If the SSA used your current living arrangement, income, resources or overpayments to deny your claim, you may request reconsideration for a non-medical determination.

Hearing from an administrative law judge

Other than a reconsideration, you may also seek a hearing from an administrative law judge uninvolved in the original decision. Once you submit your hearing request, you may travel to a location within 75 miles of your current residence. You may also attend a hearing online or via video at a hearing site or hearing office.

Seeking a review by the Appeals Council

You may make an online request for the Appeals Council to review your denial. While the Appeals Council may look over your review request, it may agree with the original decision based on the latest Social Security regulations and laws. If it agrees to review your denial, it may bring in an administrative law judge or take on the review itself.

A professional may help you explore and understand your options for appealing a benefits denial. Take action to protect your rights and peace of mind.

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