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What social security disability benefits should I know about?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2020 | Social Security Disability Benefits

In case you are a resident of Los Angeles, and you encounter disability before your retirement time, then you can be eligible for the social security disability benefits. But before you enjoy the benefits, you should prove that indeed you can no longer undertake any work due to disability.

There exist specific eligibility terms that you should meet before you start enjoying the benefits. The rules state that one must have worked for a particular number of years in a designation where you religiously contributed the necessary taxes as stipulated by the law.

In case you didn’t work long enough before you get rendered disable, then you can be eligible for supplemental security income. However, you must also demonstrate that you currently have low income and assets before you can access the benefits.

You should also demonstrate that during your work, you earned a specified number of credits. The credits that will determine whether you qualify for the help or not. The confidence you gain will mostly depend on the age when you first became disabled.

Another eligibility condition that you should meet to get granted access to benefits is medical legibility. For you to qualify for the program on medical grounds, you will need to demonstrate that you are currently experiencing a medical issue that can get classified under the SSD category. You will only benefit from the program if your condition can be determined as chronic and severe.

After you get approved for the benefits, you will not access them immediately.  You will have to wait for some period before you start enjoying the advantages. Typically, the waiting period is five months. You will continue receiving the benefits for the entire period of your disability.

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