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Can you still work with a chronic illness?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2020 | Social Security Disability Benefits

When you have been unexpectedly diagnosed with a chronic illness, continuing to do anything that you are used to doing effortlessly may no longer seem possible. One aspect of your life that may feel the impact of your diagnosis is your career. Working together with your employer in California may enable you the chance to continue working with the help of needed modifications to allow you to continue to make a living despite your new normal. 

According to, continuing to work despite your chronic illness can be supported when you ask for help from your employer. Be upfront in discussing your condition and how it will affect your ability to perform your job responsibilities. While you may initially reach out to the human resources department at your company, speaking directly to your superior can also be an effective way to begin receiving support. Realize that your new diagnosis may require you to take more frequent breaks or even time off of work to address personal needs. Making self-care a priority can help you to be effective at work. 

Should you ever reach the point where working altogether becomes impossible, you may consider applying for social security disability benefits. If approved, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance to compensate for your loss of income. If there is an opportunity to return to work in the future, you may still be able to collect benefits, especially if you can only work with specific modifications. 

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