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What is the Ticket to Work program for disability recipients?

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Having to stop working because you have a disability is an unwelcome change for many people. Some might think that they will enjoy not having to get up to go to work. However, many find that they need a sense of purpose. They might decide to try to get back into the workforce.

Many misconceptions exist around the ability to be able to go back into the workforce while receiving Social Security Disability Insurance. Fortunately, the Ticket to Work program provides an opportunity to find out if you can return to work without having to worry about losing your SSDI benefits.

What is Ticket to Work?

Ticket to Work helps disabled individuals to find suitable employment through job referrals, rehabilitation, vocational training and employment assistance. It is meant for people ages 18 to 64 who are medically able to try to return to work. It utilizes state vocational rehabilitation agencies and private networks.

How does the program work?

In the first nine months of the program, you don’t have a limit to what you can earn. You won’t lose your benefits during this period. Once you pass this, you will have a special status that enables you to earn up to a specific amount each month. This phase lasts for 36 months. If you are unable to continue working while in the program, you will still have the benefits you need.

What happens to medical care?

You will be able to keep your Medicaid or Medicare coverage while you participate in the Ticket to Work program. Another benefit that you can enjoy is that you won’t undergo a Continuing Disability Review during this time.

Why is Ticket to Work necessary?

People who use this program can reap the benefits that come with holding a job. Frequently, they will feel happier because they are getting the social interaction they need. They might also feel like they are contributing more to their community when they are working.

People who are just now applying for disability should realize that they might not have to remain out of work. This might give them hope since so many people enjoy being productive. If you are starting your application, be sure you have everything filled out correctly. The process can take a while, so this isn’t a way for you to get money quickly. Some individuals might need to file appeals, which are time-sensitive, so read through all correspondence you receive about your case.

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