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What is a continuing disability review?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2019 | Social Security Disability

If you depend on social security disability income to preserve your way of life, then the continuing disability review laws could be the source of some concern. While an improved medical condition may be cause for celebration, having to deal with the high cost of living in California without SSDI could understandably temper your enthusiasm.

These reviews, known as CDRs, are mandatory maintenance procedures. The SSA uses them to determine whether your disability is still present. It is typically important to comply if you want a chance of continuing on your benefits. However, there are quite a few conditions that could affect your case. Please read on for a brief introduction to some of them.

The first thing you should know about CDRs is that they will probably not be frequent. As explained on the SSA website, the law requires the administration to perform one of these reviews at least once every three years. A determination that your condition will improve sooner than this three-year period could accelerate your review schedule.

Also, you may not have to worry too much about losing SSDI because of one of these reviews. Although there could be a chance of a doctor determining that you are no longer disabled, the details of your case would determine whether this is a distinct possibility.

If you would like to know your chances of retaining benefits, it may be wise to look at your unique situation from both a medical and a legal perspective. Please do not think of anything in this article is legal advice. It is only meant as general information.

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