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Providing support and encouragement to your child with anxiety

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Mental Conditions

When you recognize that your child is experiencing anxiety and is visibly upset, it can be difficult to watch him or her struggle while trying to figure out how to react. Ignoring their worry may send the message that you do not understand their needs, but being overly attentive may intensify the situation and set the foundation for more serious consequences. At Disability Rights Law Center, we are committed to helping people in California who have loved ones who are coping with mental illness. 

Anxiety can be caused by any variety of factors including the environment your child is in, the reactions of the individuals around him or her, excessive noise levels or temporary separation from you or your spouse. Recognizing childhood anxiety and being proactive about addressing those issues from the onset, is critical to your child’s ability to learn healthy and effective methods for coping with feelings of angst. 

According to, one of the most counterproductive things you can do is to avoid anything that you have noticed gives your child anxiety. This kind of behavior will reinforce their fears and send the message that they are right and contact with that person or thing will cause trouble. Rather, find less aggressive and simple ways to introduce your child to his or her fears little bits at a time. Eventually, you may be able to facilitate a positive interaction that can provide a perspective that could ultimately help your child to dismiss his or her concern entirely. 

When you are equipped with ideas of how to help your child acknowledge and manage his or her worries, you can effectively intervene without ignoring or worsening the problem. For more information about mental conditions, visit our web page. 

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