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Back injuries shouldn’t be common in the workplace

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Workers should always have a safe place to their job duties. While many employers tend to focus on the major hazards in the workplace, there are some less serious ones that aren’t always considered. Back injuries, for example, aren’t always considered but this doesn’t mean that they will be minor. In fact, back injuries can debilitate workers.

Trying to prevent workers from suffering from back injuries requires a comprehensive program that includes safety procedure reminders and the tools necessary to remain safe. It is still possible that employees will suffer injuries, but it is less likely if there is a program in place that is being followed by everyone involved.

Slow down

One of the more common issues that workers have is that they try to rush. Rushing is almost always going to lead to problems. Employers should ensure that they aren’t setting unrealistic deadlines or goals for employees. It is also possible that the issue that comes into the picture is frustration. Employees who are frustrated might move faster and rush more than they do when they are calm. Trying to minimize or eliminate common workplace frustrations can help in these cases.

Proper lifting

Using proper lifting techniques can reduce the chance of injury. This is especially important if the objects the person is lifting are heavy, bulky or in inconvenient locations. Team lifting and reminding people to use their knees to lift are imperative for all businesses. Providing ladders or stepstools for employees who need to reach things overhead like boxes of papers and similar things can also help.

Cumulative trauma

Cumulative trauma injuries to the back are common in a number of industries, even ones that don’t involve heavy lifting. Lower back pain, for example, can come when workers have to bend over often or for prolonged periods. Using proper body mechanics and ergonomically friendly methods can help to prevent these injuries.

When injuries happen

It might not be immediately evident when a back injury occurs. If there is an accident, the worker might know that something is wrong right away. In the case of a cumulative trauma injury, back soreness might occur first but the worker might not think anything of it. As time progresses, the symptoms will get worse until they can’t be ignored.

Any workers who thinks they’ve suffered a back injury due to work-related issues should make a report of the injury. They will need medical care and may have to take time off work to heal. More serious injuries in Los Angeles places of work might even lead to disability claims.

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