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Using positive thinking to stay motivated during an injury

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2018 | Physical Disabilities

When people in California experience a back injury, it could be the result of a car accident, repetitive stress at work or improperly lifting an object. Despite the cause, dealing with an injury that causes intermittent or continual pain can be discouraging and cause people to lose hope that they will recover and be able to resume their normal activities. While recovering from their injury is an important task alone, staying motivated during that time is also critical for people to be able to heal successfully. 

According to, there are two primary types of back pain including non-specific and specific. Simply put, specific back pain has a diagnosed cause including diseases such as osteoporosis and scoliosis. If a person has back pain associated with poor posture or tasks they have to do at their job, these would be classified as non-specific causes. 

Select Health suggests that when people experience an injury, that they do their best to maintain focus on the aspects of their life that they can still control. If they are undergoing rehab or therapy of some kind, they can benefit from setting goals and celebrating small accomplishments in their road to recovery. If they have things, they are passionate about doing, they may find solace and encouragement in staying involved in those things as much as their injury will safely allow. 

When people are injured, it may be impossible for them to recognize things they are grateful for right away, but with time they may be able to begin remembering all of the things they are grateful to have. This practice can provide empowerment and motivation for people to continue putting their all into making a full recovery.  

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