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Is the Social Security Administration short on staff?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2018 | Blog

Many California residents suffering from disabling conditions are finding it difficult to get approved for the financial benefits they deserve from the Social Security Administration. The reason? The Social Security Administration appears to be short on staff.

The waiting period when it comes to SSA claims for benefits is frustrating and exasperating. Even worse, if you’re trying to file for benefits on your own — without knowing what to expect and what is “normal” — can make the process especially stressful and upsetting.

The SSA says it’s trying to decrease wait times

According to a spokesperson from the Social Security Administration, “Reducing the wait times for a hearing decision is of utmost importance…” According to the spokesman, aging baby boomers filing an increasing number of social security disability claims has left SSA at a loss for time. The SSA further claims that it is still dealing with backlogs caused by an increase in disability applications during the economic sessions.

The number of pending disability claim hearings is approximately 986,000 at the moment and the average wait time to receive a hearing decision is approximately 600 days.

Simply put: The SSA doesn’t have enough employees. This is distressing considering the fact that most people who need Social Security benefits are having a hard time paying for their basic living needs, like food, utilities and housing.

Have you been waiting on an SSA decision?

Social Security disability applicants may find themselves at different stages in the claims application process. For those who have yet to file a claim for benefits, considering how long wait times are, it’s vital to prepare your claim right the first time.

When you ensure that all your details are correct — and you’ve provided all the evidence required for a positive award of benefits — you will decrease your chances of being denied, which will decrease your chances of needing to wait an extended period of time for reconsideration.

If you need SSA benefits, make sure you understand the law

The more you know about Social Security law and what qualifies you to receive benefits, the better experience you’ll have when filing your claim. Make sure you understand the law and prepare your benefits application wisely and strategically.

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