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A minor brain injury can be a career killer

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2018 | Blog

When a person receives a blow to the head, it can cause a number of symptoms, some of which may not seem obvious for quite some time. If left untreated, these injuries may create complications or serious pain for up to a year, which is more than enough time for a victim’s entire career to crumble if he or she does not take proper steps to address the injury and inform employers and personal community about its effects.

A mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) is actually far more dangerous and debilitating than it may sound. After all, its name includes the word “mild” so how bad can it be? In fact, these injuries can prove very serious, and deserve professional medical attention as soon as possible.

If you or someone you love suffers a blow to the head, please seek medical attention from a medical professional as soon as you can. The longer you wait to receive a diagnosis and begin treatment, the more difficult it is to move past the injury and return to your old self again. You may benefit from professional legal counsel if you believe that your injury may qualify you to receive supplemental benefits like Social Security Disability. These programs are a lifesaver for many victims, but require applicants to jump through many procedural hoops to receive benefits.

An attorney can also help you understand the legal opportunities you have to seek fair compensation and work with your medical care providers to ensure that you get the treatment you need without drowning in debt while you wait for a settlement to come through.

Symptoms of a mild TBI

Part of what makes a mild TBI so difficult to address is that the symptoms may vary. Some victims experience ongoing headaches or begin suffering seizures, which may clearly cause issues in the workplace, but other symptoms are more subtly destructive.

Mild TBI symptoms often include changes in the way victims understand things they read or the conversations they have with others, where they may misunderstand the context of a conversation or passage of text, even if they understand the meaning of individual words.

Constant miscommunication is only one way this injury may strain a victim’s work relationships and responsibilities. Many victims find that they cannot perform tasks that they previously found easy or familiar. This difficulty is often coupled with a short temper, which may surprise both the victim and his or her colleagues and friends and family.

While such behavior may look like immaturity or a character flaw, it is often just the result of damage to the brain altering the personality of the victim beyond his or her control.

Fight for your career with every tool you have

If you suffer a mild TBI, communicating your needs and restrictions is important to helping your employer understand how to accommodate you. While it may not seem comfortable, it is important to make sure that your employer sees that you are not simply acting out, but are recovering from a serious injury to your brain and may need time to get back to normal.

Your mild TBI does not have to ruin your career, but it easily can. Be sure that you consider all the tools you have to defend your career and your rights while you work to get back to your old self again.

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