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The waiting time for Social Security Disability benefits

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2017 | Social Security Administration News

Anyone who is familiar with previous posts here knows that there is quite a bit of work to be done when Los Angeles residents find themselves in a position where they need to file for Social Security Disability benefits. The initial application for SSD benefits requires copious amounts of information, including information about the disability in question, how the disability affects the applicant’s life, how the disability prevents the applicant for working and documentation that shows that the applicant has earned the requisite amount of work credits to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Putting all of that information together can be time-consuming and mentally exhausting, but once everything is put together the application can be submitted for review. But, what then?

According to a recent report, there are over a million cases that are considered “backlogged” at the Social Security Administration as applicants await final word on whether or not they will receive SSD benefits. Fortunately, these aren’t cases waiting for an initial review; they are cases waiting for a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. Our Los Angeles readers who are familiar with previous posts about the appeals process know that this is a stage in the process that occurs after an initial application for SSD benefits has been denied.

What can Los Angeles residents do to avoid becoming a part of this backlog of cases at the Social Security Administration? Well, the best option is probably to make sure that the initial application for SSD benefits is as strong and as persuasive as possible; that the information provided in the initial application leaves little to no doubt that the applicant should be awarded Social Security Disability benefits.

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