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5 workplace injuries that can leave you unable to work

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2017 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Injuries

Whether you work as a cashier in retail or in a dangerous job like demolition and construction, the chances of injuries are always there. While you do all you can to comply with safety regulations that keep you and your co-workers safe, there are times that you are simply unable to stop things from happening. Injuries and illnesses caused on the job can lead to life-changing problems that make it impossible for you to work or earn an income. These five injuries are all too common in the workplace today.

1. Repetitive motion

Repetitive motion refers to something you do on a daily basis that has more of a long-term injury effect than a short-term one. Using the computer and typing are common examples of this type of motion that can lead to vision problems, back and neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

2. Falling objects

Anytime you have products or supplies on shelves, employees are at a risk of dropping an object on their own heads or being involved in a falling object accident with another employee. While personal protection gear can help to avoid falling object injuries, these types of accidents commonly lead to serious, debilitating head injuries.

3. Overexertion

You may not notice it immediately, but if you are overexerting yourself on the job, you may fall to an illness or injury. Common motions that cause overexertion are holding, pulling, pushing, lifting, throwing and carrying any object at your place of employment. Additionally, overexertion is the most expensive workplace injury.

4. Falls

Anytime you are on an elevated area like a ladder, roof or stairwell, you are at risk for a serious fall on the job. Slip and fall accidents are also common on-the-job injuries that can change your ability to work in the future.

5. Violent acts

Office arguments and politics can often get heated, and they may lead to violent acts on the job that cause serious injury or even death to those involved. Employees should always be on their guard to watch for any suspicious activity from a coworker who seems unsettled or upset, although there are times where these incidents simply can’t be prevented.

The types of accidents that are common to a specific industry will vary by the geography, occupation, incident and several other characteristics. If you have been involved in a workplace injury and fear it will affect your ability to earn an income in the future, you may benefit from speaking to an attorney.

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