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SSD benefits are just part of the solution for a disability

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2016 | Social Security Disability Benefits

When Los Angeles residents who have applied for Social Security Disability benefits finally receive notification that those benefits will be approved, a great sense of relief often occurs. For a person who has become disabled and is therefore facing a complete inability to work, SSD benefits can be a financial lifeline that is sorely needed. However, Social Security Disability benefits are just one part of the solution for a Los Angeles resident who will now live with a disability.

Those who suffer from a disability that is caused by a mental condition will likely need to attend therapy sessions and consistently take medication. The mental health disability may not be cured, but a Los Angeles resident who suffers from such a condition will likely want to learn how to live with it going forward.

On the other hand, those who suffer from a physical disability may face a two-pronged problem. First, there is the obvious issue of beginning to adapt every movement or part of life to the restrictions or complications that arise from the physical disability. But, on top of the physical limitations, a Los Angeles resident who suffers from a physical disability may actually begin to develop mental health conditions as well, particularly depression. This can be, as a recent article noted, a “Why Me?” mentality.

Fortunately, there are resources available to anyone who is suffering from a disability, starting with the resources available from the Social Security Administration. But for most people with a disability, getting approved for SSD benefits is the first step.

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