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How the Social Security Administration helps California veterans

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2015 | Social Security Administration News

When our California readers envision the type of people who receive Social Security Disability benefits, they probably think of the average, hard-working American who had the unfortunate luck of either suffering an injury at work or being diagnosed with a significant illness. Our California readers may not think of the possibility that members of the United States armed services who are injured may be able to receive Social Security Disability benefits as well.

A recent article written by an employee of the Social Security Administration highlights this very possibility. But, as the article points out, it is important for wounded veterans to understand that the benefits may be available through the Social Security Administration can be very different from benefits they may receive from the Veterans Administration.

But, the fact remains that many American veterans may be able to apply for benefits from both federal agencies. Of course, as the article mentions, there will be two different applications that need to be submitted — one to each agency.

The most important point that was made in the recent article is that just because a person is receiving either military benefits or military pay. This does not mean that the same person would be precluded from receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) payments as well. In fact, a veteran could receive military pay and SSD benefits at the same time — if the veteran is not engaged in some type of substantial work. For veterans in Los Angeles who believe they may be in this type of situation, getting the right information about their options could be a good first step.

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