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The costs of living with a spine injury in California

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2015 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Injuries

Many Californians who are receiving Social Security Disability benefits are facing an inability to work due to a spine injury. Whether the injury was the result of a workplace accident or a condition that slowly developed over time, being unable to work because of a spine injury can leave a Los Angeles resident in bad shape, both physically and financially.

In fact, some of the more serious spine injuries can leave a person facing thousands of dollars in financial costs, especially if paralysis is involved. The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, founded by the late actor, Christopher Reeve and his wife, Dana, estimates, in the first year of living with incomplete motor functions, a person will face approximately $334,170 in expenses. Every year after that, such an injury could cost the person another $41,000 or so.

And, as our Californian readers can probably imagine, the more serious the paralysis, the higher the associated yearly expenses. People who are suffering from the most debilitating of spine injuries might even reach a point where the average yearly expenses are upwards of $170,000.

Workers who subsequently find themselves in this type of position due to deteriorating health will need all of the financial help they can get. If a Los Angeles resident has a qualifying medical condition, such as a spine injury, and that person also has the requisite number of work credits, there is a possibility that this person may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

Unfortunately, the Social Security Disability benefits system is complicated. As a result, for those who think they may qualify for benefits, seeking expert help may help detangle the process.

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