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Can I receive Social Security Disability for skin problems?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2015 | Social Security Disability Benefits

Los Angeles residents will seek and receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for numerous illnesses, conditions and disabilities. There are some, however, that they might be able to receive SSD benefits for that may not be obvious, like skin disorders. People with skin disorders need to understand how the Social Security Administration (SSA) decides whether the issue is severe enough to warrant an application for benefits being approved.

Skin disorders that emanate from acquired pathological processes, are congenital or hereditary will be evaluated by the SSA. There are numerous different impairments that the listings cover, including chronic infections of the skin or mucous membranes, genetic photosensitivity disorders, bullous diseases and others.

The documentation that the SSA needs will include when it began, how long it has been in place and will last, how often it appears, its size and the prognosis. In addition, the location, size and appearance of the lesions will be examined. The individual’s history and environmental factors will be part of the process. For confirmation, there might even need to be laboratory findings.

The skin disorder is assessed by the severity of lesions, how often they flare up, how the symptoms are limiting, the treatment and the effect of the treatment. Skin lesions that appear in multiple areas of the body can result in a claimant being deemed disabled. This disability can interfere with muscles and joints, cause pain in the palms of the hands, making it difficult to use them, and lesions on the soles of the feet, which makes mobility difficult. With frequency, the requirements might still be met, even if the lesions are not sufficient to meet the requirements. Lesion flare-ups that prevent gainful activity can also qualify.

Treatment might involve numerous strategies, including medication, therapy and surgical procedures, among others. Treatments might have side effects that can negatively affect a person’s ability to work. The response to the treatment, the adverse effects of the treatment and the duration of the treatment are all factored into the SSA’s determination.

Those who have skin disorders that are interested in disability benefits need to know their rights and how to move forward with a claim. Speaking to a legal professional can help.

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