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Social Security disability for wounded warriors

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2015 | Social Security Disability Benefits

Those in Los Angeles who served in the military and were injured might be eligible to receive Social Security disability for wounded warriors. Understanding how the Social Security Administration views those who have been hurt in combat and what the parameters are when returning to work is important. There are work incentives for those who are receiving SSD benefits and would like to try to return to work, but might not be able to do so. The test period allows workers to continue receiving their benefits on a monthly basis as they try to work.

A person who is a wounded warrior is able to remain on active duty. If there are changes to the Military Occupational Specialty Code, the Air Force Specialty Codes or the Navy Enlisted Classification, the SSA must be told immediately. It is also required to contact the SSA if there is a permanent change of station because it might indicate the claimant is going back to work. The benefits can be influenced by a change in work status. When taking a job, the SSA must be told when work starts and stops and if the duties, hours and pay rate have changed.

After the SSA has been told that the claimant is returning to work, there will be a work continuing disability review conducted. This will examine the earnings. Work incentives include the Trial Work Period. This provides the injured person at least nine months to see if the person is able to work permanently. Full benefits will be provided regardless of how much is earned at work. After the TWP is completed, there will be another 36 months in which benefits can be provided while the claimant is working as long as the earnings are not considered “substantial.”

Other alternatives include the Ticket to Work program. This offers job referrals, training and vocational rehabilitation. There is also the Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Program. This is a community-based group that can assist disability recipients to make a decision as to whether they want to return to work.

Wounded warriors provided a service to the country and an inability to work sometimes comes with the duties they fulfilled. Some would like to return to work. With Social Security disability and any issue, it is always important to have legal assistance to learn the requirements for any issue.

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