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The thankless work of the Social Security Administration

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2014 | Social Security Administration News

Reforming the Social Security Administration and the programs that agency runs are popular ideas to throw around during election season, and our Los Angeles readers can expect to see more on this as November approaches. Social Security Disability benefits in particular are getting a lot of attention during this election cycle, especially amid continual media reports on how this program is facing financial problems. But, perhaps what needs to be addressed more often is why the program is being strained to begin with, and the current discussion would probably benefit more from hearing about potential solutions.

As a recent article seemed to indicate, it sometimes goes unsaid that America’s aging population was always going to be a growing issue to address with all forms of Social Security, not just with SSD benefits. Sure, we all know that older Americans look forward to receiving their retirement benefits through Social Security, but how many people will need to rely on SSD benefits well before they reach retirement age?

According to the recent article, millions of Americans depend on SSD benefits to remain above the poverty line. With the potential for hundreds of thousands of baby boomers needing to join the ranks of those who receive SSD benefits within the next few years, there are obvious reasons to worry about the financial integrity of the program.

Working for the Social Security Administration must be a thankless job indeed. Where else could one agency be the source of such criticism while at the same time providing such an important service that millions of Americans depend upon? Our Los Angeles readers are probably thinking what most Americans seem to be thinking these days: a simple hope for a break in the political gridlock so that problems can be solved.

Source:, Jazelle Hunt, July 16, 2014

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