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A different opinion in the current discussion about SSD benefits

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2014 | Social Security Administration News

As our Los Angeles readers have probably seen in both news reports and previous posts here, there aren’t a whole lot of politicians out on the campaign trail touting the many positive aspects of Social Security Disability benefits. In fact, most people have probably been hearing that there is a wave of sentiment among some of our nation’s leaders that this aspect of Social Security needs to be pulled back a bit, citing their many concerns about just who is receiving these benefits and why. There is one United States Senator, however, who has entered the current discussion from a whole new angle: he argues that America should be expanding Social Security.

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from Ohio, has reportedly said that those who are arguing to make changes to Social Security don’t really want to do that – instead, they want to end the whole program altogether. He said that opponents of Social Security point to many different financial complications that may arise in the near future, especially in regards to SSD benefits. However, Senator Brown has reportedly stated that he believes there are several changes that can be made to shore up the financial integrity of these valuable programs, and he believes that securing the future of Social Security should be one of the primary campaign points for Democratic candidates as the November elections loom.

There can be no arguing that it is perhaps time to make at least some changes within the Social Security Administration, as well as the benefits programs. But, those who receive benefits from Social Security programs, whether through SSD or retirement benefits, have long feared that changes would result in benefits cuts. The debate continues, and it is good to get a different perspective from someone who clearly sees the enormous benefits that Social Security programs provide to millions of Americans.

Source:, “It’s time to expand Social Security, not cut it, Sen. Sherrod Brown says,” Stephen Koff, July 8, 2014

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