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Hopes high for Baylor rebound from disabling bone break

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2014 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Injuries

It is an unsettling way to start the season: Los Angeles Angels hitting coach Don Baylor breaking his leg while trying to catch the Opening Day, ceremonial first pitch.

The latest reports about the incident Tuesday say that the 64-year-old Baylor broke his right leg as he attempted to catch a throw from Vladimir Guerrero. After being helped off the field, he went to the hospital where he underwent more than five hours of surgery. Now, with a plate and some screws in place, he’s said to be recovering. But no one seems to be able to say how long he might be laid up.

A broken bone is perhaps not the kind of thing that typically leaves a person in a state of long-term or permanent disability. But it can happen. If a person has a particular condition that makes them susceptible to fractures, it may mean they are unable to work and that they may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Working through the bureaucratic maze to obtain those benefits can be eased with an attorney’s help.

In Baylor’s case, an issue that might be a lingering source of concern is that he is a multiple myeloma survivor. According to the Mayo Clinic’s website, that’s a cancer that affects certain white blood cells in the body and it can also attack the marrow in the bones, which is where those cells are produced.

Under normal conditions recovery from a broken femur, which is what Baylor suffered, reportedly can take several months. The question many may be asking in Baylor’s case is whether his battle with cancer means he could be facing a longer period of disability.

Source: ESPN, “Angels’ Don Baylor has surgery,” April 2, 2014

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