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28 students injured in Anaheim school stage collapse

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2014 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Injuries

Twenty eight girls may be counting their blessings after a stage collapsed beneath them. They are certainly counting their injuries. According to one source, it’s a wonder none of them were killed.

The girls from Rosary Hill High School in Anaheim, some 250 of them, were performing on the stage at Servite High School earlier this month when it suddenly gave way. The schools apparently share the facility.

The collapse sent dozens of the girls plunging to the ground. A full accounting of the injuries isn’t available at the time this blog is being written. Word is, though that at least a number of the 28 girls suffered broken bones.   

It is fortunate that no one appears to have suffered any significant injuries as a result of this tragedy. It is easy to imagine someone suffering a broken back or severe head injury that might leave them permanently disabled and eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

Equally easy to imagine is that if a victim of such a circumstance were to seek coverage, they would find the process daunting and become frustrated. That could be eased by working with an attorney.

According to KNBC TV, it appears as though Servite High School had undertaken a couple of upgrades to the stage over the years, but never obtained the required permits for the work. Sources cited in an investigative report by the station say one of the rounds of construction occurred in the 1980s. Another was done in the 1990s. But there are no records at city hall to indicate that permits were ever sought or issued.

Officials at the school say they are cooperating with an investigation into the matter and will work with Anaheim officials on any plans for a new stage.

Source: KNBC-TV, “School Stage Collapse: No Permits,” Tena Ezzeddine, Joel Grover and Keith Esparros, March 12, 2014 

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