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Two common questions about SSDI answered

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2013 | Social Security Administration News

Some people who receive Social Security Disability benefits wonder if the amount they receive each month will increase if their disability becomes more severe or they end up with another disabling condition.

The answer to this question is no. Social Security disability benefits are not based upon the severity of a person’s disability. Instead, they are based on the average lifetime earnings the person made before the disability occurred.

However, a caveat to this is that if a person is able to return to work after being disabled but then later applies for disability benefits again down the road, his or her benefit could be greater because of the additional wages that were earned.

A second question wondered by many people who receive disability benefits is whether they will automatically lose benefits if they return to work. The answer to this question is also no.

The Social Security Administration wants to encourage SSD beneficiaries to ease back into the workforce when they can, which is why there are several incentives in place for people in this situation.

The options available for SSD beneficiaries who want to return to work but aren’t sure if it will be possible allow the beneficiaries to continue receiving benefits and medical coverage so that they don’t have to go through the application process again if they find that they cannot work.

The Ticket to Work program is one of these options. More information is available at the Social Security Administration’s work page:

An experienced Social Security Disability lawyer can also provide additional information on these two topics.

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