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Social Security Administration makes serious mistake

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2012 | Social Security Administration News

Though everyone makes mistakes, when the Social Security Administration (SSA) makes mistakes, those errors can have real life implications for those that depend on the agency for their income.

In addition, the process of correcting SSA mistakes can be very difficult, many times necessitating help from someone who has experience working with the agency and who can help those in need recover the income upon which they depend.

As an example, it was recently reported that the SSA made a mistake about an individual’s gender.

Specifically, the individual in question happens to be a woman, but the SSA has her classified as a man. There is absolutely no doubt that she is, in fact, a woman as she was born a woman and has given birth to four children.

This mistake occurred back in 1985 when the woman was changing her name due to marriage. Apparently, the mistake was simply a typo that has since gone unnoticed.

She has only recently discovered this mistake because she now she needs income assistance as she suffers from a disability. However, because of the mistake in her records she is concerned that it will delay her receipt of disability coverage, something she says is much needed.

Interestingly, the woman says the SSA told her that she must fix their mistake. How she planned to fix this mistake was ultimately left up to her.

In recent developments, the SSA is now saying that it is willing to admit that she is a female and rectify the situation. Hopefully, they will do so without delay so that this woman can begin to receive the disability benefits to which she is entitled.

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