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Because liver disease can be caused by hepatitis C, the two conditions are often discussed together. They can, however, be separate medical problems. In either case, to receive benefits from Social Security Disability/Supplemental Security Income (SSD/SSI), you must prove that the effects of liver disease and/or hepatitis are so disabling that you cannot perform substantial gainful activity.

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Debilitating Effects of Hepatitis C and Liver Disease

Hepatitis C itself does not always present with serious symptoms. However, if the disease progresses, you may require medical treatment. In many cases, the drugs used to treat hepatitis C cause side effects that can be disabling, such as depression, fatigue, headaches and pain.

Liver disease, whether caused by hepatitis C or other factors, can cause debilitating symptoms that qualify for SSD/SSI benefits. Symptoms common to liver diseases may include nausea, weight loss, fatigue, jaundice and abdominal pain. These symptoms may be severe enough to prevent you from daily tasks and work. In some cases, people with hepatitis C and/or liver disease require a liver transplant.

Medical tests, such as blood work or a liver biopsy, can provide evidence of hepatitis C or liver disease. In addition, you will need to show medical documentation of your disease’s effect on your ability to work.

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