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Additional Impairments

Individuals may suffer from other impairments that have an effect on their job performance. Some impairments affect your vision and ability to walk, while others cause physical pain such as muscle fatigue or severe headaches. These symptoms can have an effect on your ability to complete tasks necessary to do your job. If you have an impairment that is impacting your ability to work, the Disability Rights Law Center can help you be approved for Social Security Disability/Supplemental Security Income (SSD/SSI) benefits.

Located in Los Angeles, the Disability Rights Law Center serves individuals from all over California. Contact our Los Angeles law office at 213-784-4386 to consult an experienced disabilities attorney about your impairment.

California Attorney Handles Various Impairment Cases

Disability Rights Law Center – Alex Boudov, Attorney at Law – will help you with your SSD/SSI application by gathering all the medical evidence needed to prove that your condition has a debilitating effect on your work performance. We will also serve as your advocates throughout the appeals process to protect your interests.

Debilitating impairments can be caused by certain conditions such as the following:

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