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Work-related repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), are extremely common. People who work at computers, on assembly lines or in warehouses often suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. Dental hygienists, massage therapists and manicurists are also at increased risk for CTS. It is an injury that affects far more people than most of us realize.

Despite the common nature of CTS, getting Social Security Disability/Supplemental Security Income (SSD/SSI) benefits can be challenging. The help of an experienced attorney is often necessary. Come to the Disability Rights Law Center for assistance with your CTS claim. We have worked with thousands of people on SSD/SSI applications. For a free consultation, please call 213-784-4386 or contact us online.

Help for Your CTS Claim

The effects of carpal tunnel syndrome can be debilitating. People may suffer pain, numbness, tingling, a cold sensation or swelling in the fingers, wrist and forearm. In some instances, CTS can lead to temporary or permanent disability. If you have become disabled and can no longer perform your job, you may be eligible for SSD/SSI benefits.

Sometimes getting benefits for CTS and other repetitive stress injuries is difficult. Pinpointing the exact date of onset and/or disability is complex and subjective. We understand these issues and can help you gather the medical evidence to support your claim.

You will need a medical report from your doctor that describes your condition, limitations and residual functional capacity. As with any SSD/SSI claim, specific treatment plans, medical tests and lab/imaging results will increase your chances of obtaining benefits.

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