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Step 3: Hearing Before An Administrative Law Judge

Administrative Law Judge Hearing

Getting a disability hearing before an administrative law judge can take up to two years. While you are waiting for your hearing, you will not be receiving benefits and most likely not earning income. This is understandably a difficult period for you and your family.

Working with a Social Security Disability (SSD) attorney prior to the administrative law judge hearing is usually a good idea. At the Disability Rights Law Center, we have experience representing people at SSD benefits hearings. We understand the importance of gathering the appropriate medical evidence and other information you will need. For a free consultation, please call 213-784-4386 or contact us online.

How We Can Help You

If you have been denied SSD benefits after reconsideration, you may request a disability hearing before an administrative law judge. You have only 60 days from receiving the reconsideration denial to request this hearing.

The administrative law judge will not have prior knowledge of your case, so you must make sure that your file includes all relevant information. You may also present new information about your case at the hearing. Compiling the proper medical reports and forms necessary for a disability hearing can be challenging. Working with an experienced SSD lawyer can be helpful and may allow you to present a better case.

It is also important to be well prepared for the hearing. The judge will ask you questions about your condition(s) and how they affect your life and ability to work. We will attend the hearing with you and help to explain your case to the judge. Because of our experience, we understand the types of questions the judge may ask. We know how to answer those questions effectively and how to prepare you to answer them.

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