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Posts tagged "spinal cord injuries"

Brain-controlled devices may improve life for paralyzed people

Victims of paralysis will suffer not only suffer immobility, but often experience a severely decreased quality of life. Loss of limb or the inability to move without a wheelchair or assistance can severely limit independence. Victims of spinal cord injuries or amputation in Los Angeles, California may benefit from new technology that allows a disabled person to control machinery using only brain connections.

New reality show challenges common notions about disability

For those who are not confronted in their day-to-day lives with disability, there may be many misconceptions. The makers of a new reality show hope to dispel common stereotypes and show a different side of disability. "Push Girls" gives viewers a firsthand account of what life is like for four women who have been disabled by illness or injury. The show follows them through daily activities and gives them the opportunity to confront their challenges with an audience, from putting on make-up to starting their own families.

Better trauma care could prevent permanent disabilities

Many disabilities are caused by severe injury to the head or spinal cord in accidents or falls. New research shows that individuals who are treated at high-level trauma centers are less likely to walk away with serious disabilities. Currently, San Diego, California offers some of the highest quality trauma care in the world, however there currently is no statewide coordinated system for high-level care.

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week, part two

Earlier this week, we began a closer look at multiple sclerosis, a debilitating neurological disorder that affects approximately 300,000 people in the United States. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has declared this week Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week to spread information and raise awareness about this devastating disability throughout the country.

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week, part one

In California and across the country, people and organizations are recognizing Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week in a variety of ways, from orange billboards in New York to orange buildings in Utah. Because MS remains a relatively mysterious and misunderstood disorder, disability experts say that it is important to spread awareness about the disease.

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