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How are SSI benefits calculated?

Many of our Los Angeles readers already know that Supplemental Security Income is oftentimes available to disabled children, certain individuals over the age of 65 and some people who suffer from blindness. Slowly but surely, the general public is becoming more educated about the Social Security programs that provide benefits to millions of Americans every year. However, there is one thing that many people may not know: How are SSI benefits calculated?

Blindness and Supplemental Security Income

Most people would probably consider blindness to be a disability. Obviously it would be quite difficult to do the vast majority of jobs if a person can't see. However, what many people don't know is that when someone is suffering from blindness they might actually qualify for Supplemental Security Income.

SSA communications for the blind

Many people have different ways of dealing with their disability. Some people have certain modifications completed in their home, like handrails or wheelchair ramps. Others have personal caregivers who can assist with some of the household chores. But what about a task as simple as reading your mail?

How does the SSA define Supplemental Security Income terms?

Many of our Los Angeles readers probably know quite a bit about the qualifications for Social Security Disability from reading previous posts here. However, Social Security Income is not as well known as a federal program, and many people do not know what it takes to qualify for SSI.

Social Security Administration highlights SSI benefits

All forms of Social Security benefits are there to help Americans with their financial obligations. In the case of retirement benefits, people work their entire lives and look forward to the day when they can retire and enjoy the fruits of their labor. But, other forms of Social Security benefits exist to help those who haven't been fortunate enough to work and lead a "normal" life. With Childhood Cancer Awareness Month coming up in September, the Social Security Administration is attempting to highlight how Supplemental Security Income can help thousands of American families.

Do you know enough about applying for SSI benefits?

Although the national economy is reportedly getting better, there are still millions of Americans who have yet to see any tangible evidence of a recovery. For the millions of Americans just struggling to get by, including many Los Angeles residents, it can seem like there is no help to be found. However, for those individuals over the age of 65, or those who are living with blindness and even for those who caring for disabled children, Supplemental Security Income could provide some much needed financial assistance.

Recipients of SSI benefits experience recent payment disruption

In the early morning hours yesterday, many recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits discovered that they were unable to access newly deposited SSI funds, although it was later discovered that system outages may be to blame for the delay.

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