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Filing for Social Security Disability after a divorce

In many of our blog posts, we have discussed some of the different reasons why people need to file for Social Security Disability and some of the advantages of receiving benefits. For example, people may find that their stress levels drop considerably and they have a sense of hope with respect to their future, financially and otherwise. However, there are times when people may find themselves in an especially challenging position, such as someone who is applying for Social Security Disability following a recent divorce.

Reviewing some other benefits of Social Security Disability

Those who are struggling with a disability may face a wide variety of hardships, regardless of the nature of their limitations. For example, they may experience physical pain, emotional issues such as depression or anxiety over their circumstances, and financial problems brought on by missing work. For some of these people, Social Security Disability is an excellent way to help restore some sense of normalcy in daily life, which can be crucial for those who no longer have the ability to earn an income due to their disability. However, it is essential to recognize that Social Security Disability benefits can do more for someone who is disabled than simply offer financial help.

Can alcoholism qualify me for Social Security Disability?

Being an alcoholic doesn’t qualify you for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits in and of itself. However, if you suffer from an associated medical condition—liver disease, for example—that affects your ability to work, then you could qualify. This determination depends on certain factors.

3 things you can do to get approved for your SSA Disability faster

There are currently about 9 million Americans on Social Security Disability. Such a large number makes it sound like obtaining your SSA disability should be a fairly straightforward feat. However, if you look a little closer at the numbers, the levels of people who actually receive their SSA disability have actually been in decline for several years.

Backlogs for SSD appeals cases causing worry

A number of Americans are waiting more than 500 days for a decision regarding their unresolved claims from the Social Security Administration. As a result, the administration is making changes behind closed doors as a means of reducing this backlog and the handling of future claims. The appeals process is no exception.

Three things you need to know about Social Security Disability benefits

Individuals who are disabled severely enough to be unable to work may be able to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits that they may use to meet their basic expenses. The process of obtaining these benefits can be extremely detailed and complicated, and many people often do not know what to expect as things move forward. This posting provides some practical advice regarding SSD benefits.

Supplemental Security Income and children

Any of our readers who are familiar with previous posts here probably know that in order to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits a person usually needs to have a history of employment. That is not the case for Supplemental Security Income. Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, as it is more commonly referred to, can be awarded to a person who does not have a significant employment history. That is why children can qualify for SSI benefits, but only disabled or blind children. So, how does the SSI program work for children?

How can life changes impact Supplemental Security Income?

There are people of all ages who receive Supplemental Security Income. One of the requirements to receive SSI benefits is to meet an income threshold - if a person earns more than the income threshold, they won't receive SSI benefits. This is different from Social Security Disability, which can be awarded to a person regardless of their collective wealth, as long as the person has a disability that will keep them from working for a year or longer.

Life after becoming disabled

Our regular readers in Los Angeles know from previous posts here that there is a wide range of medical conditions that could get a person qualified to receive Social Security Disability benefits. The disability could be physical or mental - as long as the condition is expected to keep the person out of the workforce for a year or more, getting approved for SSD benefits could be a possibility. But what about life after becoming disabled?

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