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Lawsuit filed by administrative law judges against SSA over quotas

A union representing the administrative law judges who decide disability benefit cases has sued the Social Security Administration over the case quotas the judges are required to meet. The lawsuit alleges that the quotas, which require each judge to decide between 500 and 700 cases per year, violate the independence of the judges as well as the due process rights of applicants.

Compassionate Allowances now includes 200 conditions

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are meant to replace income lost due to a serious and long-term disabling condition that prevents a person from working full time. But for most people who apply for SSD benefits, the application process can be a long and tedious process. Not only do you have to prove that you have a bona fide disability, you also have to prove that your condition prevents you from doing the work you once did as well as other types of work.

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the U.S.

There is often a never ending cycle of disease impacting disease which accompanies most who suffer from arthritis. When one suffers from joint pain in their hip, back, knees, hands or feet, it often makes exercise difficult and the sedentary lifestyle that accompany those pains can bring about other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, or even stroke. An increase in weight on the joints due to inactivity creates more and more pain for those who suffer from the most debilitating disease in the United States.

Man must prove he's still alive to the SSA

"I'm not dead!" That was one man's reaction to some disturbing news he and his family received in the mail courtesy of the Social Security Administration. While the news may have shocked him, he can take disturbing comfort in realizing that he is not alone. Roughly 1000 people every month receive similar news and are suddenly thrust into a fight for finances, medicine, and information.

Employee of SSA caught double dipping with SSDI

Collecting Social Security Disability (SSD) in California, or in any state for that matter, is never easy. In order to collect, one must prove that the serious or long-term medical condition that is preventing you from continuing to earn a substantial living from work will either lead to your eventual death, or that it will prevent you from working for more than one year.

Social Security's insolvency risk threatens SSD beneficiaries

The federal government recently issued a warning about the fiscal challenges on the horizon for the Social Security Administration. The Social Security trust fund is now projected to run out of funds in 2033, three years earlier than previously projected. This is most likely because the contributions to the fund have been drastically reduced as a result of the difficult economic climate which has diminished payroll taxes.

Social Security Administration makes another mistake

Unfortunately, mistakes by the Social Security Administration are all too common. The mistakes vary from situation to situation, but many can have very serious consequences for the recipients who receive Social Security benefits.

Unemployment rises among the disabled

According to recent research, the unemployment rate for disabled Americans in the first quarter of 2012 currently sits at 14.6 percent. This is significantly higher than the 8.4 percent unemployment rate for those individuals who do not suffer from a disability.

Social Security Disability benefits lost

Many people who are entitled to Social Security Disability (SSD) rely on those benefits in order to survive. This can mean that any errors will have serious consequences in their lives, such as the inability to meet monthly mortgage, car and food expenses.

Diabetes may qualify for Social Security Disability

When President Obama appointed Sonia Sotomayer as a new U.S. Supreme Court justice, the White House was quick to point out that she was the first disabled justice. Sonia Sotomayer suffers from diabetes.

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