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Posts tagged "Social Security disability applications"

Lawsuit filed by administrative law judges against SSA over quotas

A union representing the administrative law judges who decide disability benefit cases has sued the Social Security Administration over the case quotas the judges are required to meet. The lawsuit alleges that the quotas, which require each judge to decide between 500 and 700 cases per year, violate the independence of the judges as well as the due process rights of applicants.

Study: Many medical facilitates not accessible to disabled

In order for a disabled person to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, he or she needs to have the condition documented by a doctor or other licensed health care provider. Unfortunately, a new study determined that many doctors' offices are inaccessible to people with special needs, making a diagnosis -- and health care accessibility -- nearly impossible.

Compassionate Allowances now includes 200 conditions

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are meant to replace income lost due to a serious and long-term disabling condition that prevents a person from working full time. But for most people who apply for SSD benefits, the application process can be a long and tedious process. Not only do you have to prove that you have a bona fide disability, you also have to prove that your condition prevents you from doing the work you once did as well as other types of work.

Federal benefit programs to go paperless with payments nationwide

According to the Treasury Department, California has one of the largest state populations still receiving paper checks for federal benefit programs. With nearly five million residents nationwide still receiving paper checks monthly, the agency estimates that it could save roughly $4.6 million a month by going paperless. By switching to direct debit and "Direct Express" debit cards, the savings on printing and shipping alone could save nearly $1 billion over the next 10 years.

Recipients may face longer wait times for benefits

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be a daunting process. Even after an applicant is approved, delays could cause serious and long-term financial harm. Applicants will often be denied benefits on a first attempt and the face bureaucratic hurdles, before and after a claim is approved. Sadly, disabled and injured persons, as well as their families, often slip into poverty while waiting for benefits.

Bleak employment rates for young autistic adults

Autism is often related to severe disabilities that can affect the ability to work. According to a recent report, one in three adults with autism have no paid job experience, or advanced education nearly seven years after graduation. This poses a serious problem to the autistic community as well as their families who are strapped with the financial burden of supporting their adult children. Families in California with children who suffer from autism may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits.

Schizophrenia linked to mothers' gluten sensitivity

While there is no known cause for schizophrenia, researchers have found a link between a woman's gluten sensitivity and the risk of a baby developing psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia. New evidence suggests that children of women with sensitivities to gluten have a doubled risk of developing a psychiatric disorder.

Mental disabilities and Social Security, Part 2

In our previous post we discussed the initial process that individuals in California who suffer from mental disorders need to follow to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. As previously discussed, many times a Mental Status Examination is necessary for an SSD application filed on behalf of an individual with a mental disorder. If this is the case, the applicant will be contacted by a consulting examiner for an assessment meeting.

Mental disabilities and Social Security, Part 1

Social Security Disability benefits provide income to those who are unable to work. In most cases recipients of Social Security Disability benefits will receive a monthly disability payment in the form of cash and sometimes there is the possibility of enrollment in the Medicaid health insurance program.

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