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Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries Archives

Do not underestimate the severity of a brain injury

An accident can strike anyone at any time, and often accidents, whether it is a workplace injury, a slip and fall, or a car accident, can lead to serious injuries that may affect a victim for a substantial amount of time. Many injuries lead to long-term or even life-long care.

Severe arthritis could be a disability

There are many people who probably believe that suffering from arthritis is just a part of getting older. Arthritis is, after all, a fairly common ailment. However, what some people may not realize is that arthritis can actually become a quite serious health issue. And, if it is bad enough, arthritis could even become a disability.

5 workplace injuries that can leave you unable to work

Whether you work as a cashier in retail or in a dangerous job like demolition and construction, the chances of injuries are always there. While you do all you can to comply with safety regulations that keep you and your co-workers safe, there are times that you are simply unable to stop things from happening. Injuries and illnesses caused on the job can lead to life-changing problems that make it impossible for you to work or earn an income. These five injuries are all too common in the workplace today.

What do workplace injury and illness statistics tell us?

Every worker in Los Angeles and throughout California deserves to have a workplace that is free from the potential of causing injuries or illness. When workers aren't able to work in a safe environment, the consequences can be severe: accident injuries, occupational illnesses and even complete disability. Needless to say, Los Angeles residents who are injured or who become ill due to on-the-job concerns may be unable to work for an extended period of time.

Complications from brain injuries can leave you unable to work

There is no doubt that a brain injury is something that anyone would have quite a bit of trouble recovering from. Unfortunately, these types of injuries occur every day throughout the country. They can occur at work, in the commute or even in a household accident. The complications from a brain injury can leave a Los Angeles resident unable to work.

SSD benefits can be part of a financial solution after an injury

Many workers in Los Angeles are lucky enough to have retirement savings, such as a 401(k) account. These funds are in place not only to provide financial security during what will hopefully be a peaceful and restful retirement, but also in case of severe financial emergencies. When a worker suffers an injury on the job and becomes disabled, those retirement funds may be eyed as a potential financial tool to help make ends meet. But, this type of withdrawal could be premature.

Will new regulations reduce work-related injuries?

Many of our Los Angeles area readers would probably expect employers to be on board with federal requirements that are designed to help improve safety in the workplace. After all, employers should want their employees to be able to do their jobs day-in and day-out without interruption, right? Well, that might not be the case if new federal regulations that are being proposed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration get expected pushback.

Social Security Disability benefits for a work-related injury

Millions of Americans are employed at jobs where their safety and even their very lives may be at risk on a daily basis. Jobs in the construction industry, public safety and industrial jobs are usually high on the list of the types of employment that may lead to a work-related injury. For many of the people who suffer injuries on the job, it may mean a few days of lost wages that are covered by worker's compensation, and then they are back on the job. However, there are some people who suffer injuries so severe that they are unable to work for an extended period of time.

Pursuing Social Security Disability benefits for injury

Millions of Americans are, on a daily basis, dealing with the inability to work due to a disability. For many of these people, the disability is due to a severe illness, such as cancer or heart disease. The illness leaves them unable to work in the capacity they did all their lives, or in any other role. But, there are just as many other disabled Americans who arrived at their present physical limitations because they suffered an injury of some kind. For some, it was in fact a work-related injury, so not only will the person not be able to return to work, work was the cause of their physical condition.

Brain injury and Social Security disability benefits for injury

Most of our Los Angeles readers know that Social Security disability benefits are not awarded to just anyone who applies. There are stringent requirements that must be met in order to have a chance to receive SSD benefits. Besides the "work credits" requirements, which other posts here have addressed, the applicant's disability must meet the definition of "disability" as prescribed by the Social Security Administration. And, in short, that definition can be a high bar to meet: the medical condition must keep the applicant from working in any meaningful capacity, and the disability must be expected to last 12 months or longer -- or result in death.

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