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Social Security Disability Benefits for Illness Archives

What is blood cancer?

You may have heard the names leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma before, but did you know that they are three forms of blood cancer? Like other cancers, blood cancers occur when abnormal blood cells, or cancer cells, interrupt typical blood cell development. Blood is essential in the body, but when blood production is interrupted, the blood cannot function properly, which could lead to various illnesses and even death.

SSD can provide financial relief for those with a disability

For Los Angeles residents suffering from a chronic health condition, everyday life can present challenges. A serious, long-term medical problem can cause significant pain and suffering and interfere with one's enjoyment of life. In more severe cases, a chronic disease can make it impossible to work and earn a living. For people in this situation, Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for illness can provide much-needed financial help.

Those who suffer from autoimmune disorders may get SSD benefits

When most people think about the individuals who receive Social Security Disability benefits, they probably envision those who are suffering from serious illnesses, like cancer or heart disease, or those who have become disabled due to a serious injury. However, what some of our readers may not realize is that there are many different illnesses that could qualify a person to receive SSD benefits. Autoimmune disorders are among the diseases that the Social Security Administration may consider as a disability.

What mental disorders can lead to receiving SSD benefits?

Individuals and organizations throughout the country are working every day to reduce the stigma that many perceive as being attached to those who suffer from a mental health condition. It is believed that the more people come to understand the issues that those who suffer from mental disorders are dealing with, the more accepting they will be. This is a laudable goal, bolstered by the fact that many people are able to lead productive lives as they cope with their mental illness. However, not all people who suffer from a mental illness are that lucky.

Arthritis and your chances of qualifying for SSD benefits

Many elderly people in Los Angeles suffer from arthritis. Some will simply accept that this is part of the aging process for some people. However, while there may be many health issues that can be attributed to "old age," the reality is that arthritis is a medical condition that could become a disability for some people.

Are some forms of cancer actually blood diseases?

Many Los Angeles residents may only think about Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits in terms of work-related injuries. However, a person may be eligible for SSD benefits, regardless of how a disability arises. In many cases, the disability may arise from a disease that has nothing to do with the person's occupation. Blood diseases, for instance, are a type of illness that may qualify a Los Angeles resident to receive SSD benefits. And, there are many different types of blood diseases.

Seizures may be a frequent part of serious illness disabilities

Many Los Angeles residents deal with minor illnesses all the time, such as the flu, stomach bugs or even bad colds. But, while these illnesses may be inconvenient for a few days, there are some people who live with much more serious illnesses that can impact their entire way of life. Suffering from frequent seizures, for example, could be a disability that could prevent a person from being able to maintain employment.

What are the first steps after a denied claim for SSD benefits?

Los Angeles residents who apply for Social Security Disability benefits may have to wait a few months before they find out whether or not the benefits will be awarded. This is typical, as the initial application for SSD benefits can include quite a bit of information that needs to be reviewed by the Social Security Administration, such as medical and work history documentation. However, for about 60 percent of applicants, the initial phase ends with a denial of benefits.

Can fibromyalgia be a disability?

With the steady progress that is constantly being made in the field of medicine, many of our Los Angeles readers might think that there isn't much more that the medical community needs to find out about many health conditions. However, this isn't the case, as there are more than a few medical conditions that healthcare professionals don't know everything about. One such condition is fibromyalgia.

What are some of the most common blood diseases?

There are quite a few diseases that can leave a Los Angeles resident disabled and unable to work to earn an income. Cancer and heart disease are some of the most common illnesses that can diminish a person's ability to remain in the workforce, but there are other diseases that can be equally debilitating. A range of blood diseases are in this category. So, what are some of the most common blood diseases?

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